Nuit Blanche 2012 – Christine Davis – World Without Sun


World Without Sun” appeared at Nuit Blanche 2012 and is titled after Jacques Cousteau and Louis Malle’s underwater documentary of the first sea colony; a bubble or “flying saucer” manned by oceanauts. Filmed in 1964 this breathtaking glimpse of a world beneath resides within the imagery of another era.  Focusing on 19th C. biologist Jakob von Uexküll’s concept of umwelt, or the perceptual world in which an organism exists and acts as a subject, “World Without Sun” considers our perceptual world as that of communication.  Animals, stars, and stones collide as the work grapples with the radical interdependencies of life on this planet fueled by human cycles of production and consumption.  “World without Sun” the technological sublime is a posed on both oblivion and renewal.

Six channel video projection on mesh satellite dishes, 3 steel tripod stands. Each dish 10ft. 2in., 5 min.loop

Christine Davis-

The Challenge

Provide design, fabrication and logistics to the delivery of a support structure capable of holding six, 10ft. diameter satellite dishes. With Christine’s artwork, we had to come up with a design that could withstand the significant wind load presented by the dish area, was minimalist in appearance so as not to distract from the visual imagery, and could be quickly manufactured as smaller components that were easily assembled onsite.