UX UI Design and Development Automation
Through preliminary conceptual designs and mockups, graphic design, automation software architecture, programming, deployment and software maintenance, Symphony Interactive employs a dedicated team of professionals to ensure your project has all the resources it needs for success.

We specialize in programming Crestron and AMX control systems for commercial, academic, and entertainment applications.

Experience design

Experience design delves into if people WILL use a product and hence encompasses behavioral sciences and studies in motivational factors. Generally, experience design takes into account a much broader scope than traditional usability, looking at what attracts a person to the service, what helps them understand it and use it, how it integrates into the context of their lives, how they are encouraged to keep using it and how they communicate with others around the product/service. UX Designers deliver customer insights, personas, customer journey maps and the like. This is before interaction design happens.

Interaction design

Interaction design is in essence a methodology for producing visual representations of an online service that is to be used for early testing/proof-of-concept and later as specifications for designers and developers. An interaction designer delivers mockups, blueprints and prototypes. But an interaction designer can of course use insights from customer research, field studies and service design to create this interaction design (they are then involved in thinking along the lines of persuasive design). Sometimes the interaction designer is also the experience designer, and sometimes the roles are separate. Sometimes the interaction designer thinks about the big picture, sometimes they just play it by ear and sometimes they just focus on the online interaction.

Symphony Interactive - Ipod App Design Process