Symphony Interactive - Nuit Blanche 2010 - Later That Night At The Drive In 1

Nuit Blanche 2010 – Later That Night At The Drive-In – 40′ x 32′ Suspended Mirror

Later That Night At The Drive In

Nathan Phillips Square is transformed into an oasis of sound and vision. Daniel Lanois prepares, produces and performs the soundtrack to a multi-channel, multi-screen media experience, nestled comfortably into the centre of the night.  Working with a field of sound-projectors, original scored videowork by contributing artists including Jennifer West and Nicholas Provost, and performances by special guest artists including Trixie Whitley (Black Dub) and Carolina Cerisola (salsa dancer), the space is designed to expand collective experience, opening up multiple perceptions and realities. Introducing diverse elements in sound, music, light, film and video, the atmosphere is guided from a central studio location, a hub of creation that reflects into a sea of possibilities.

Daniel Lanois – Later That Night At The Drive-in

The Challenge

Provide design, fabrication and logistics to the delivery and assembly of a 40’x32′ mirror that would be suspended above Nathan Philip’s Square at an angle sufficient enough to reflect the image of the performers below it to the surrounding crowd.

It was clear right from the beginning that suspending tons of glass, no matter what safety treatments were applied to it, was out of the question. Researching lightweight reflective materials, we were able to come up with a design utilizing 40 lightweight acrylic mirror panels. These 4’x8′ mirror panels were designed utilizing aluminum T-slot to create a rectangular frame that was then adhered to 1/8″ acrylic mirror. This resulted in an extremely rigid 4’x8′ panel that was lighter than a sheet of 1/2″ plywood.

A pipe & clamp attachment system we devised for attaching the panels to a box truss supporting structure gave us fine X-Y adjustment of each panel, allowing us to achieve an almost seamless finished look.


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