Symphony Interactive - Nuit Blanche 2008 – Fujiwara Takahiro – Into The Blue 3

Nuit Blanche 2008 – Fujiwara Takahiro – Into The Blue – Suspension Motor

Nuit Blanche – Fujiwara Takahiro – Into The Blue

Fujiwara’s “Into the Blue” exhibit for the 2008 Nuit Blanche festival in Toronto consisted of seven concentric and stacked blue acrylic fabric tori of decreasing diameter. This pyramidal stack of rings would be suspended from the roof structure of the Toronto Eaton Centre, where it would revolve 12ft. overhead in a sea of direct lighting.

The Challenge

Design, deliver and supervise the installation of a 120VAC suspension motor capable of rotating 300lbs. of air and helium filled acrylic fabric at 2.4 RPM beneath the interior roof of the Toronto Eaton’s Centre at Albert’s Way.

Features (Fixtures)

  • 10x Safety Factor – City engineers requested a 3,000lb. ultimate load capacity. Engineering analysis and approvals courtesy of Domson Engineering in Brampton, Ontario.
  • C.S.A. Approved
  • Fully enclosed, cylindrical 6061 aluminum construction
  • Forward/Stop/Reverse operation


In order to maintain the visual symmetry of Fujiwara’s breathtaking art installation from the enormous 30ft. diameter rings at the bottom to the suspension motor at the apex above, the motor needed to be of a cylindrical construction. To keep the visual impact as minimal as possible, we used 6″ diameter 1/8″ aluminum tube as the outer shell, sandwiching the shell and internals between the top fly plate and the thrust-bearing bottom plate with (8) load-bearing 5/16″ threaded rods. A mid-plate held the sealed motor assembly, and wicked heat out to the external shell. “3D CAD models of component parts were emailed to one of our fabrication partners who turned them around in a single day.


Fujiwara Takahiro - Into The Blue - Nuit Blanche