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Nuit Blanche 2012 – Christine Davis – World Without Sun

“World Without Sun” appeared at Nuit Blanche 2012 and is titled after Jacques Cousteau and Louis Malle’s underwater documentary of the first sea colony; a bubble or “flying saucer” manned by oceanauts. Filmed in 1964 this breathtaking glimpse of a world beneath resides within the imagery of another era.  Focusing on 19th C. biologist Jakob […]

Council Chambers – 2008

A Southern Ontario regional council commissions a modernization of their existing council chambers. The Challenge Software architect and program the automation system for a regional council chambers in Southern Ontario. Introduction Working with us, the A/V contractor had largely concluded that many independent and costly systems could be replaced by software and centralized DSP. Where […]

Nuit Blanche 2008 – Fujiwara Takahiro – Into The Blue – Suspension Motor

Nuit Blanche – Fujiwara Takahiro – Into The Blue Fujiwara’s “Into the Blue” exhibit for the 2008 Nuit Blanche festival in Toronto consisted of seven concentric and stacked blue acrylic fabric tori of decreasing diameter. This pyramidal stack of rings would be suspended from the roof structure of the Toronto Eaton Centre, where it would […]