We are always looking for self-motivated and energetic individuals. A stunning resume is always a wonderful thing, but please don’t let a lack of credentials keep you from inquiring. If you possess either a broad or focused interest in the fields of interaction design, industrial design, interface design, graphics & web design, audio/video/lighting integration & automation, software, electronics, mechanical and/or structural engineering, we would love to talk to you.

Current Job Openings

Automation Software Developer

The Position

You will work with a small but established team of developers designing and writing residential and commercial audio/video automation software. You will make ongoing contributions to a shared re-usable code base. You will be encouraged to contribute ideas to shape company direction and policy.Work from home, yurt, or your other half’s apartment.

The Desirable Aptitudes

Proficiency in all things C (most important)
Experience working with AMX Netlinx and Crestron SIMPL/SIMPL+
Experience in embedded programming (Assembly)
Knowledge of HTML/PHP/JAVA/RUBY/PYTHON and PLC ladder logic
Humility, humour, and a penchant for mentoring


Experience designing embedded electronics
Understanding of electronics, circuit design and PCB design
Experience with motion control systems

An ability to write professional dialogue and copy without the use of grammar tools or F7 will draw a favourable nod.

The Pay

Directly proportional to the number of plates you can keep spinning.

The Benefits

Work in one of the fastest growing industries
Freedom from big corporate drudgery
Continuing education
Weekends off

The Application Process

DO NOT send us an email resume, it will not be read. Fork this Mercurial repository instead and follow the instructions in the README: https://bitbucket.org/si_hg/si_developer_application Mercurial? Either you’re familiar with version control or are savvy enough to figure it out. Possessing either attribute saves all of us a lot of time.

Thank you and good luck!