Symphony Interactive Inc. is an interaction consulting and solutions shop for commercial and residential audio visual integrators, homeowners, architects, tourism and entertainment and educational facilities. The business was born in 2006 by two industry veterans directly involved in the exploding growth of the automated audio/visual integration market. Rapidly evolving technologies means that integrators are forced to keep up with a dizzying array of technical skills. The founders recognized early that to remain competitive and retain the recognition of their clients and other industry leaders, integrators required not only an in depth knowledge of networking, automation programming, digital signal processing, electronics, structural and mechanical engineering, video processing and lighting disciplines (to name just a few), but also the creative skills and diverse technical vocabularies to win confidence and effectively communicate intent. Symphony Interactive’s mission is to create a home for the best talents in the industry to work and play, and consequently excel as a one-stop shop for our clients to obtain leading edge and creative solutions.